MPAA: For Your Consideration

In the grand tradition of the banal general-purpose blog, the following is me being angry on the internet.


Today, I got The Book of Eli out from Netflix and sat down to watch it.

I watched as it displayed an antipiracy warning.

Then the studio logo.

eight minutes and twenty seconds of unskippable previews.

For your consideration, movie executives:

Let’s say I’m trying to sell you, well, anything that you want to make use of. And every time you wanted to use it, you have to sit through almost ten minutes of advertising. Would you actually pay me money for something that inconvenient?

And yet, for all intents and purposes, you’re asking the same thing of your customers.

Did you ever, for one instant, consider just how much people hate this?

I have to ask the obvious question: is your business strategy actually to discourage people from buying your products?