14 November 2010

Happy 8th!

That’s right, idlecircuits.com has now been online for a full eight years! Although the site, in various other permutations, has been around on the net since the days of NCSA Mosaic, this marks eight years since it has resided at its current web address (at a hosting plan with more than 25MB of space, even)! During those eight years, this site has done many things: served as the online hub for a broadcast radio show and webcast, distributed dozens of my original music tracks, hosted thousands of words of creative writing and a modestly successful gaming blog, displayed programs and online scripts that help people enhance their security, and much, much more. Heck, even this blog has been around for that long, albeit sporadically updated, and in I don’t know how many different permutations (this is at least the fourth). Anyway, happy 8th anniversary for idlecircuits.com!