19 July 2009

The weblog returns, yet again

...and it sure is crunchy.
As I'm sure you probably know, the main idlecircuits.com weblog has come and gone in many different iterations, with one constant throughout: the fact that it doesn't usually get updated all that often. And so, in that vein, I eventually realized that there wasn't any really compelling reason to keep on updating and patching a full-blown web application for something that gets updated so infrequently. As a result, this weblog is now based simply on a CSS template. What this means is that there is no real facility for comments (one might arrive in the future, but who knows), and no RSS feed, which probably wasn't that useful given the intervals between updates. Other than that, it's pretty much the same.
Beyond that, the weblog is pretty much a catchall for random things I decide to post, as well as updates and announcements for idlecircuits.com. However, there are probably more interesting sites on here, so check out the link in the sidebar to see everything else that's on offer.